A Letter to the Potential Job Seeker, Part II

Dear Job Seeker:

jobIn the past month alone I’ve received dozens of emails from college graduates inquiring about openings at Hopkins PR. Your email is the only one I’ve responded to.  Why, you ask?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to look at Hopkins PR’s website to learn about our company’s history, previous and current clients and the people who work here.  Also, you took them time to reflect on whether you and Hopkins PR would be a good match, so as not to waste my time with an interview that wouldn’t go anywhere.

Second, you didn’t email me asking for a job or even if there were an  opening.  You emailed me to establish initial communication and to request an informational interview.  You said you wanted to learn – learn about me and my experiences, learn about Hopkins PR and learn what you could do to be successful in this industry.  You asked for nothing but advice and I in turn, was happy to oblige.

During our informational interview, you took copious notes, asked questions you’d prepared ahead of time and brought your portfolio to get my opinion on its contents.  You listened more than you spoke.  You also dressed accordingly – no jeans and a t-shirt for this job seeker.  You wore nice black pants and a collared shirt as if this were a real job interview.

After our meeting, you followed up with not only an email but also a written thank-you note.  Job Seeker, I’m not old but, I can still appreciate the value of a written letter.

In addition, you’ve made sure to keep in close communication with me, emailing me every few weeks to check in, update me on your progress and ask pointed questions about upcoming interviews.  In order to increase your chances of success, I have reached out to colleagues at different PR firms and strongly encouraged they meet with you as well.

Job Seeker, you will find a great job soon, and that company will be lucky to have you.  Your hard work will pay off, I promise.


Meagan Guidry

Managing Director


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