Excelling in the E-Commerce Business

Dallas PR firm, Dallas public relations firm, Austin PR firm, media training, Dallas crisis communications firm, Texas PR firm, Hopkins PRIn this two-part series, “Excelling in the E-commerce Business,” Patrick Wire offers advice on ways to generate a profit while keeping the customer happy.

Want to have a successful ecommerce site? Here are few things to keep in mind.

Easy Navigation

Its sounds like a no-brainer, but how many times have you visited a website to shop and left quickly because it was difficult to find what you were looking for? Simple and easy is the name of the game. And not just for your customers, but for search engines too so you can get the rankings you need to grow.

Clear, concise descriptions of your product or service coupled with visuals that help tell the story will let your customers quickly decide on what is right for them. Once they have decided to buy, make the check-out process as easy as possible. Have several payment options and only require the minimum amount of necessary information to make the sale. I strongly recommend allowing people to check out as a guest. People just are not sure, especially if this is their first purchase with you, if they want to go through the hassle of setting up an account or signing up for you e-newsletter. If you wow them with how easy it is to shop and buy on your site as a guest, I’ll bet they will want to create an account the next time around.

A Picture Says a 1,000 Words

I’m often amazed at how little attention clients give to photography. Whether you’re selling pies, clothes or software you must show your product in its best light. This doesn’t mean you need to go hire an expensive professional photographer (although if you have it in the budget I would suggest it), but it does mean you need more than your well-intended partners kid and his iPhone 5 to create images that sell. And no that stock shot that comes “really close” isn’t a good idea either.

You have to show what you’re selling at an overall view and then add as many detailed photos as necessary to bring the product to life. Shoot everything in the same way to bring a consistency in the tone and feel of your products. A consistent approach not only helps each individual product, but the look of your website overall.

If you are selling a service or product that doesn’t lend itself to photography, then consider illustrations, charts or diagrams. The same rules apply. Be detailed and consistent with how you use these visuals and they will work just as hard for you.

Stay tuned for the second part in this series next week.

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