Guest Blog: I Want an Eight-Minute Video!

Sue Abrams, a friend of Hopkins PR and owner of Sue Abrams Productions, offers sage advice on the corporate video in today’s guest blog, “I Want an Eight-Minute Video!” 

TDallas PR firm, Austin PR firm, corporate video in Dallas, Dallas media traininghe length of your corporate video can be one of the biggest factors in viewer engagement. If a video is long, today’s multi-tasking, uber-distracted viewers will bail midstream and miss key messaging. Clients often come to us with a predetermined run time for their videos. As a creative services agency, we help clients consider many factors, including video duration, that will best drive home messaging and get results.
Here are a few suggestions on getting the most bang for your video production buck.

  1. Start by discussing your goals, video content and creative treatments. Your video production company should be able to offer many suggestions that help you meet your needs.
  2. Consider your audience: Is this a company website or YouTube video? If so, aim for 1:00-2:30 video run time, max. There are always exceptions.
  3. Will your video be used as a one-on-one sales presentation or showed to another “captive audience”? If “yes” to either scenario, your video can go longer. But, it should include creative elements that keep people watching.
  4. Is this a training or public education video? Your video could be quite lengthy. We suggest breaking long videos into several shorter segments.
  5. Will this video double as a trade show loop? The video’s sound typically will be inaudible on the trade show floor. Highlight key points via eye-catching motion graphics, instead of voice over. You can have your production company cut a separate version of your web video to be used specifically as a trade show loop.
  6. Regardless of length, several other elements keep the audience watching and absorbing your messaging. Just a few of these elements: Effective scripting, a professional actor’s delivery of the script, high quality video, strategically selected music and theme-appropriate 2D motion graphics.
  7. Every video situation is different. If you need that eight-minute video, go for it! Once you are armed with information and are given options, the decision should be yours.

Sue owns Sue Abrams Productions, serving the DFW area and beyond, in corporate video production, graphic design, still photography, corporate event production and interactive CBT, since 1999.

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Sue Abrams

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