Ode to the Vacation

Dallas PR firm, austin PR firm, Dallas media training, Dallas crisis communications The cover story for Texas Monthly’s August issue featured Galveston Island, and it took me on a pleasant trip down memory lane to our family vacations there. It also reminded me of the value of taking time away from work to revive.

My family made numerous summer vacation trips to Galveston when I was young.  We left our hometown of Van in the early mornings.  Mom and Dad made a bed in the back seat of the car and transferred three sleeping children there (before the days of seat belts). We ate breakfast in Huntsville, where they let us eat as many donuts as we wanted. What a treat! We arrived in Galveston late morning, always rolling down the windows as we crossed the causeway bridge to smell the gulf scented air.

We usually stayed at the Surf Motel on Avenue M, across the street from the seawall.  Days were spent bobbing in the surf in our child-size plastic tube-floats, building sand castles and chasing sand crabs. There was always a trip on the ferry to Bolivar and back.  This time was relaxed, fun and totally different from life back home.  Our friends, the Mayo family who had three young kids our age, frequently made the trip with us so, we had favorite playmates along.  Cousins from Houston visited for a day as well. I know it was a lot more work for our parents, but they seemed to enjoy the vacation as well.  My Dad LOVED the beach!

These memories, those of other family vacations and my more far-flung adventure trips as an adult, make me realize anew how important it is get away from the office, rest and relax.  Our founder, Clyde Hopkins, expressed it well in our Policies and Procedures Manual:

“We view vacations as not only a pleasure, but a necessity in the public relations business. The demands of the business are extreme in terms of time, energy, creativity and general wear and tear on the soul. Going without vacation can literally affect your ability to perform on the job.  Therefore, we encourage employees to take their vacations every year.”

Here’s hoping you had a great vacation this year, or have plans for one.  Revive and enjoy your work life for the rest of the year!

We’re Talkin’ Texas, y’all

Marilyn Pippin

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