This Year, I Resolve To…. Part 1

new-years-resolutionsLose weight. Exercise more. Find time for myself.

We all know those personal steps we resolve to take each January 1.

But what about professional resolutions? What changes would we like to see in our working world?

We asked several colleagues around the country to share their 2016 public relations resolutions, and here’s Part 1.

Abbie S. Fink, VP/General Manager, HMA Public Relations, Phoenix

I make this resolution every year – and I stick to it…for about a month!  I’m going to pick up the phone and actually talk to people.  I think this is relevant in my personal life, but certainly in my professional life.  So much of what we do as PR pros is built on relationships and trust.  And as big of a fan as I am of the digital tools we have, nothing beats a phone call.

Dana Hughens, CEO, Clairemont Communications, Raleigh, NC

This year, my resolution is to be better at setting goals and expectations. For our team at Clairemont, this means identifying personal and professional goals, as well as individual, team and client goals. As part of that process, we have identified three team resolutions:

1) Continue to evolve our services offering to encompass what defines public relations today. Clairemont was founded six years ago to blend traditional communications and social media. That’s no longer enough. In 2015, we began investing in our video capabilities. Almost all of our team members have some experience in video, but we weren’t doing much with if for our clients. We’ve invested in the equipment we need, and we are brushing up on our production skills. We are also investing in a deeper understanding of SEO and Google Analytics.

2) At the same time, we’ve made a resolution to remember what some might call old school PR practices in order to be the best client counselors we can be. We’re returning to morning news reading and have launched a book club to gain additional knowledge and provide content for our blog in the form of book reviews that are relevant to what we do.

3) In a move to support each other in achieving personal goals and increase what the Clairemont team feels is an already strong culture, we have traded casual Fridays for Well Wednesdays. This gives us at least one chance each week to make that lunchtime yoga class, afternoon stroll around the block or walking meeting a bit more feasible by coming to work for the day dressed in active wear. We’ve also designated Wednesdays as a day to take some time away from the office for a bike ride, class at the gym or meditation session without have to watch the clock to be back in an hour. We’re encouraging each other to think about what it means to “be well” and make the time for it.

Shirley Barr, CEO, Shirleybarr Public Relations, Houston

Sales is not a four-letter word…it’s a FIVE!

Sales is a numbers game.  More calls=more meetings=more closures.

Learn something new every day including Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and the ROI of social media.

And the resolution I recycle every year: “Never confuse movement with action!”

Come back for Part 2 tomorrow!

What have you resolved to do or not do in 2016?

We’re Talkin’ Texas (and elsewhere), y’all,

Barbara Hyman

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