This Year, I Resolve To…. Part 2

new-years-resolutionsDo you have New Year’s resolutions for your professional life?

We asked several colleagues around the country to share their 2016 public relations resolutions, and here’s Part 2.  Click to read Part 1.

Barbara Paynter, APR, President, Paynter Communications, Cleveland

Slow down. Take time to listen more closely, to meet face-to-face with clients and business associates, to think things over carefully before responding. More often than not, the quality of my work improves when I take time to step away periodically, to make sure what I’m doing is strategic and not simply what the client wants. In this world of 24/7 demands on our time and a constant flow of information, clarity and perspective don’t always come easily. I try to set the work aside momentarily and reflect by taking a walk or perhaps talking with someone else who offers another perspective.

Ed Davis, General Manager, Fifth Ring, Houston

PR Resolution #1: I am resolved to ask myself if I would (still) recommend a particular strategy/tactic to a client, if in fact it was my money that was being spent and not theirs.

PR Resolution #2: I am resolved to make sure all the things we do for clients are measurable and impactful.

PR Resolution #3: I resolve to listen to my gut more, for it has been more right than wrong over my professional career.

Lisa Dimond Vasquez, APR, Principal DoubleDimond Public Relations, Houston

“What is PR?” It’s a question I’m asked frequently – at the gym, at my neighborhood mailroom or while chatting with my son’s friend’s parents.  This year, I’m avoiding standard definitions and am instead finding new ways to relay the true value of public relations and how it touches everyday lives.  

The always-popular “exercise more” is one of my New Year’s resolutions and with a public relations twist. I come up with some of my best ideas for clients while running so “exercise more” is a great way to get in shape in 2016 – both personally and professionally! 

Pam Golden, President, GLA Communications, Millburn, NJ

PR Resolution #1: Be On the Business Not in the Business

I love working with clients and still get jazzed by seeing a PR program succeed.  But, in order to take my agency to the next level, I need to devote as much energy to growing and promoting the agency as I do for our clients.  Our team is extremely talented and capable and I am going to rely on them more in 2016.

PR Resolution #2: Have Less Guilt

This past year, I have been guiding and mentoring young PR professionals at some of our clients and have encouraged them to create a good work life balance and to not feel guilty when they disconnect at night and on weekends.  In 2016, I am going to focus on doing a better job implementing this philosophy for myself.  As agency owners, we also need personal time to connect with family and friends and to rejuvenate ourselves.

My own PR resolution?  Reach out more to colleagues. They are a wonderful source of information and inspiration.

We’re Talkin’ Texas (and elsewhere), y’all,

Barbara Hyman

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