The Hopkins Process

We tailor our client work to tell a story across multiple platforms.

Our process is simple →


We mine data from the client, external sources and our own in-depth information database. We also apply the knowledge and insight of our senior staff, all with decades of experience. Our goal is to know your company almost as well as you do so we can assess your needs, competitors and opportunities in the marketplace.


No client is the same; no communications campaign should be the same. We immerse ourselves in your business to identify potential audiences and develop the best strategy to reach them. We also work with several collaborative partners to brainstorm potential concepts across multiple platforms, including print, broadcast, social media and other communications channels.

Create & Refine

From the best concepts, we select the most effective ideas, create an impactful communications plan, test that plan and then refine the plan to meet your needs.


Client service is our hallmark. A Hopkins PR partner manages every client engagement and ensures that the account team combines specific expertise from event planning to crisis communications to media relations, and more. Throughout the campaign, different team members apply their particular skill set to the tasks at hand to maximize the effectiveness of the entire team. Our senior account representatives constantly coordinate and orchestrate this interplay of talents.


Measurement and evaluation is a critical aspect of any campaign. During the planning phase, we determine measureable goals and monitor them throughout the campaign. The ongoing metrics give us and our clients useful, real-time information for strategic evaluation and refinement.

Adapt & Revise

In the face of today’s ever-changing business, social and media environment, it’s vital to constantly assess the campaign’s status and progress, goals and outcomes. Hopkins PR keeps a finger on the pulse of change, ready to revise strategies or tactics, as needed.